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Professional Recording Studio Equipment




    • Steinberg Cubase 7

    • Presonus Studio One Pro.

    • Cakewalk Sonar 8.5

    • Digidesign Protools le 6.3

    • Reaper 4


    • Sony Soundforge 9 Pro

    • Sony CD Architect Pro Audio CD Authoring

    • Izotope RX2 audio restoration suite


    • Lexicon native LXP professional algorithmic reverb suite.

    • Celemony Melodyne editor 2.1: Professional polyphonic pitch correction.

    • Celemony Melodyne Cre8: Professional multi-track pitch correction.

    • Antares Auto-tune EFX: The classic auto-tune effect.

    • UAD-1 : DSP effects including vintage LA20 and 1176 compressors, EMT plate reverb etc.

    • Wizooverb professional W5 and W2 convolution reverb processors.

    • Izotope Ozone 5  Mastering suite.

    • IK multimedia Amplitube 3 and Jimi-hendrix expansion pack: Professional guitar amp and stomp-box effects.

    • IK multimedia T-Racks Vintage plugins suite: Fairchild 670, linear phase EQ etc.

    • Nomad factory plugin suite including Magnetic tape emulator, vintage channel strips, compressors and EQ.

    • Voxengo Voxformer 2: High quality vocal processing.

    • Slate digital Virtual Console: Valve mixer simulation.

    • Rob Papen Delay: Highly configurable stereo delay with filters.

    • Camel Audio: Camel space modulation and filter with trance-gate.

    • Camel Audio: Super camel phat filter and distortion.

    • Waves Vocal Rider: Vocal level automation.

    • Waves Trans-X: Multi-band transient shaper.

    • Waves IR-L : Stereo convolution reverb.

    • Waves MaxBass : Bass enhancer


    • Native Instruments Kontakt 5: Professional sampler with large, varied sound library. Orchestral, vintage, rock  through to electronic styles. Totally programmable for custom sampling.

    • IK Multimedia Sampletank 2 XL: Professional sound module with extensive sound library. Covers a very wide range of sounds.

    • Fxpansion BFD2: The ultimate virtual drum collection. Massive library of top class drum kits with expansion packs. Can be played from a keyboard but works really well with the studio electronic drum kit.

    • Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 : Top quality virtual drum instrument. Superb range of sounds and with Drumkit From Hell and Pop! Expansion packs.

    • Fxpansion DR008: Virtual Drum Machine. Large library of classic drum machine kits.

    • Garritan Steinway Pro: Steinway grand piano.

    • Steinberg The Grand: Yamaha grand piano.

    • Native Instruments B4: Hammond Organ simulator, with drawbars.

    • Cakewalk Z3ta2: Virtual synthesizer. Amazingly powerful synthesizer, equally good on hard electronic tracks or ambient.

    • Ge-force Imposcar: Classic analogue synthesizer.

    • Korg Wavestation EX: Simulation of 90's digital synthesizer; perfect for evolving sounds.

    • Applied Acoustics Systems: Ultra Analog VA-1. Virtual analogue synthesizer.

    • Steinberg Halion: Sampler.

    • Speedsoft Vsampler 3: Sampler.

    • E-Mu Emulator X2: Sampler.

    • MOTU Machfive: Sampler.

    • U-He A.C.E. Virtual modular synthesizer.


    • Adobe Photoshop CS2

    • Daz 3d Carrara 6: 3d modelling/animation suite.

    • Daz 3d Bryce 7 pro: 3d modelling/animation suite.

    • Corel Paintshop Pro Photo X2: Photo editing/retouching suite.

    • Serif Pageplus X5: Desktop publishing suite.


      Video Hardware and Software

    • Canon XM2 pro quality SD Camera.

    • Canon XM1 pro quality SD Camera

    • Sony Vegas Pro 12 Video Editing Suite.

    • Sony DVD Architect 6 DVD authoring suite.

    • Neat Video Video noise reduction.

    • Prodad Mercalli Light video stabilisation.

    • 5x High definition video cameras.

    • 2x Standard definition video cameras.

    • Tripods, softbox lighting.

    • Greenscreen.

    • DVD player x 2.

    • TV monitor.


      Audio Hardware

    • Yamaha AW4416 automated digital mixer/16 track recorder.

    • Yamaha Monitors with KRK Sub woofer.

    • Valve Microphone preamps.

    • Headphone amplifiers: up to 20 outputs.

    • Studiomaster Proline Gold 16-4-2 analogue mixer.

    • Fostex DCM-100 automated mixer.

    • Yamaha MW12 mixer with USB output.

    • Line 6 pod guitar effects.

    • Alesis Microverb 4 reverb and multi-effects.

    • Zoom 1010 guitar multi-effects.

    • Various rack effects.

    • Tascam BR-20 reel-to-reel master recorder.

    • Line 6 Spider guitar amplifier.

    • Carlsboro Bass amplifier.

    • Microphones by Rode, Audio-technica, Shure, Nady, Sennheiser etc.

    • 2 x Sony ECM55b lavalier microphones, broadcast quality.

    • Shotgun microphone.

    • Headphones from Beyerdynamic, Sony, Philips.
      Extreme isolation headphones for drummer.


      Musical Instruments

    • Pearl export acoustic drum kit.

    • Yamaha Dtxpress iv (Special) Electronic drum kit.

    • Yamaha TX16w digital sampler.

    • Roland D-110 Linear Arithmetic synthesizer.

    • Casio CZ101 vintage 80s digital synthesizer.

    • Roland A30 master midi controller keyboard.

    • Novation Impulse 25 midi keyboard controller with fader and knobs.

    • Acoustic guitar.

    • Percussion including bongos, tambourine and talking drum.


      PC Hardware

    • PC System 1: Intel i7 quad-core 3.6GHz, 16GB Ram, 6TB storage. Windows 7,64 bit.
      24” LCD Monitor & 22” LCD Monitor. Canon Printer with onbody CD printing.
      Audio system: 3xMOTU 2408Mk2. 72 Simultaneous inputs/outputs.
      2xUAD1 DSP Effect processors.

    • PC System 2: Intel dual-core 3GHz, 2GB Ram,1TB storage.
      17” LCD Monitor. A4 flatbed scanner.
      Audio system: Digidesign 001. 18 Simultaneous inputs/outputs.

    • PC System 3: Shuttle micro-PC. AMD processor. 512MB Ram. Portable system.
      15” LCD Monitor.
      Audio system: E-Mu 1820m. 18 Simultaneous inputs/outputs.
      Suitable for  multi-track recording at live venues.

    • PC System 4: Lenovo laptop. Intel pentium dual-core, 2GB Ram.
      2X15” LCD Monitors.
      Audio system: MOTU 828 Mk2. 20 Simultaneous inputs/outputs.
      Suitable for location multi-track recording.

    • PC System 5: Samsung Laptop. Intel Centrino dual-core, 2GB Ram. 15.6” monitor.
      Audio System: Focusrite Saffire Pro24. 14 Simultaneous inputs/outputs

    • Midiman Midisport 8x8s : 128 simultaneous midi in/out.

    • DVD/CD duplicators x 2.